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Whitney, It's been 4 years since you left us behind in this world as we know it. The dull feeling that I felt on that very day is upon me now. Knowing that you(The Voice) will never be able to making that magical music of yours  on this earth again will forever sadden me. Life Time Fan..R.I.P. BHawkins

I really miss whitney houston so much i cant belive so gone. r.i.p nippyCry tyranylovenippy

To whitney Houston,
You were a very talented entertainer and actress. My prayers go to your family and friends. I will always remember you miss houston. Lisa Weiner
Lisa Weiner

I love Whitney houston's music, ever since I bought the DVD The Ultimate Collection. I have since bought three other DVDs and all her compact discs. She is now my favourite singer and there are quite a few other singers I like. I first saw her in The Bodyguard in about 1994 ( I now have the video) but then I heard little of her until 2012. I thought her acting in this movie was fine and that the critics were wrong about her. 
There are many of her songs that I like, having played them again and again. These are the standouts for me: My love is your love, So Emotional, Didn't we almost have it all? Touch the world, My name is not Susan and others too. 
michael walker

Love you Whitney. You had the voice of an angel. You will never be forgotten. RIP Whitney Lynell Lane-Brown

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