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One Wish (For Christmas)

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Written by Gordon Chambers, Barry J. Eastmond and Freddie Jackson

(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)
If there were no presents
Waiting on Santa's sleigh
What would I wish for Christmas
And if Frosty the Snowman
Were melting away
I would pray for hope and unity
On Christmas day

If I had one wish for Christmas
There would be joy
And peace here on earth
If I had one wish for Christmas this year
We would all come together as one

If Rudolph and his reindeer
Ran into delays
I'd still hope for joy this season
And if somehow Santa got lost on his way
I would try to find a way to smile
Smile on Christmas day


You know it ain't about
All those material things (no, no)
What you've gotta think about
Is the love Christmas brings (yeah)

Chorus (2x)

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