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Whitney-Wyclef Pairing To Surface As Single hide

Pop diva Whitney Houston is currently riding high with "It's Not Right, But It's Okay," yet she's already looking ahead to her next single, which will reveal the results of her work with Wyclef Jean.

Whitney's next single will be the title track for her hit album, "My Love Is Your Love." The track was produced by Wyclef, who reports that Houston was a pure pleasure in the studio.

"Whitney ain't on no, like, superstar vibe," Wyclef explained to the MTV Radio Network. "Whitney's real. She came in and she just rocks it. She do her thing, yo."

The single will surface soon, while Houston can be spotted on the road where her U.S. tour will run through early August before heading to Europe to tour there.

As for 'Clef, his crowd-pleasing performance at Woodstock '99 featured a Jimi Hendrix tribute that left him with minor burns on two of his fingers after he set his guitar on fire (see "Everclear, Kid Rock, Wyclef, Counting Crows Keep Musical Heat Turned Up On Day Two").

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