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Whitney Houston's New Single Leaked To N.Y.C. Radio Stations hide

Whitney Houston's new single, "Whatcha Lookin' At," aired on New York City radio stations on Wednesday (July 10). The song was co-written by Andre Lewis and Jerry Mohammed, and will appear on her as-yet-untitled new release, tentatively due out September 17. Other producers collaborating with Houston on the new collection include Kenneth " Babyface" Edmonds and Dallas Austin. Calls to Houston's Arista Records label to find out who might have leaked the track were not returned by press time.

Although Houston has enjoyed a very successful recording career, industry insiders believe she needs a hit record to recapture her past glory. Her rocky marriage to Bobby Brown has made the cover of many tabloids, and her appearance at last year's Michael Jackson tribute concert had many asking whether or not she was suffering from an addiction to drugs.

Despite all the controversy surrounding her, Houston told LAUNCH that she doesn't feel the pressures of having to top her past efforts when she works on new material. "I suppose it could put a lot if I try to outrun it, if I tried to outdo it, like, each time I did something and my next project, 'I gotta out do this.' And then I did my next project, 'I gotta out do that,' and then I did my next project, 'I gotta out do that.' I don't think that way--I think about doing quality work."

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