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Whitney Houston Discusses Lauryn Hill-Produced Hidden Track hide

Whitney Houston previewed her new album, "My Love Is Your Love," last week in front of a room full of familiar faces and collaborators -- including Missy Elliot, Q-Tip, Naughty By Nature's Vinnie and Houston's own mother, Cissy -- as well as the world-at-large via satellite.

"My Love" was recorded in six weeks with a bevy of guest stars, including Missy, Wyclef Jean and Babyface, and aside from the tracks listed on the album sleeve, Houston also cut a secret track on "My Love" that was produced by a pregnant but dedicated Lauryn Hill.

"She walked in the studio and she was about this round," Houston said of Hill, "so she walks in there and I say, 'Lauryn, you OK?' She said, 'Oh, yeah. I'm ready to do this.' [Lauryn] stayed in the studio, I do believe, at least 20 hours after I had left. I kept calling her, saying, 'Lauryn, you have to go home.' She kept saying, 'No, I have to do this.'"

"My Love Is Your Love" arrives in stores next week and features Houston's duet with Mariah Carey on "When You Believe," and a cover of Mae Axton's "Heartbreak Hotel" (which was made famous by Elvis Presley), featuring supporting vocals by Faith Evans and Kelly Price.

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