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"Pretty can turn into pretty awful if you act that way," says Cissy Houston's famous daughter. "I was taught that by my mom. She saw what happened to women who took their looks as everything. My mother taught me beauty really lives in places like a smile. When my mother smiles, it lights up the whole world." Chip off the old block. "I think I got Best Smile in school," says Whitney, "but I was shy." Cissy used to send Whitney to school in dresses, but dresses made her stick out. "My face was too light, my hair was too long, I got chased, I got picked at." Eventually Whitney smuggled in jeans. "Blue jeans saved my ass a lot of times." In her music, Houston has also been torn, metaphorically, between dresses and jeans. Her more spontaneous third album, I'm Your Baby Tonight, leans toward the latter. Who is her baby tonight? She's sporting a ring but will only say, with a flash of that smile, "He knows who he is."

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