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While I'm Your Angel is starting to heat up at radio, Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's When You Believe (from The Prince Of Egypt) has just shipped to radio after an extensive setup by DreamWorks and Geffen. Mark Gorlick, head of promotion for DreamWorks, says, "When the ink was dry on the contract, well before the song was even recorded, radio's antecipation was high, because when you pair artists of Whitney and Mariah's stature, it is an event."

This issue, the song leaked to 37 Hot 100 stations, most of which didn't start playing the song until Oct. 23. Even without a full week of airplay, When You Believe earned 11 million audience impressions, landing just short of the 75-position Hot 100 Airplay, which reflects Oct 21-27 radio activity. Expect that song to explode onto next issue's chart.

Hot 100 Singles Spotlight asked some programmers which song will become the biggest hit. Everyone polled said both songs are great but ultimately cast their vote for When You Believe. Paul "Cubby" Bryant, music director of WHTZ, says "Both songs are so good it is hard to make a choice, but the movie will push When You Believe into the lead."

Dale O'Brien, PD of WWZZ Washington, D.C., agrees that the film will help When You Believe. He also points out that I'm Your Angel is testing top five with is P1 listeners, but since "Whitney hasn't had anything lately, and Celine is over-saturated from Titanic," he has to choose When You Believe. Even WBBM's Bradley gave his vote to When You Believe over hometown favorite Kelly because "the song is, in my opinion, a classic for all time."

Jay Michaels, music director of KRBE Houston, says that When You Believe is "more powerful lyrically and emotionally, not to mention it has a better hook". Jay Towers, music director of WIOQ Philadelphia, says that I'm Your Angel has "good female appeal, but persistent rumours that Whitney and Mariah fought while recording the song make it even more of an event record" Meow, What are your thoughts?"

P.S.- When You Believe debuted at #73 on this week's Hot R&B Airplay.

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