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Where were you when you first heard?

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#31 Zolas


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 10:07 AM

Larry I just broke down again reading that you rememebered my tweet saying NO NO NO NO NO NO I just didnt know what else to write. I think I told you something like "I think Whitney may have died" and even typing that now I get the same feeling I did that awful Saturday night. I was just praying and hoping and praying that it wasn't true.

Yeah, that was my first tweet too... and all I could think... No no no.... (but not in that creepy Bodyguard lunatic way)

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#32 Terrence


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 12:57 PM

It was a great weekend. We had a birthday pajama party for my partner on Friday night and had a BALL. A bunch of friends spent the night and we were up Saturday on an average kinda day enjoying each other's company. Ordered a pizza, watching movies from Redbox, and playing the WII. We're recording stupid videos of ourself just having fun. We were about to start a new game of Just Dance on the Wii and picking who was going to be on who's team. They were going to another party that night but I was like nawh, ya'll go I'm staying here to watch Whitney. my exact words "The news of Whitney will rock the world tonight. You watch." They all say yeah whatever and gove me the usual Whitney grief and ribbing to get a rise out of me. We get ready to start the game and I get a tweet from my a friend of my neice."TMZ reports Whitney has died, WTF @EZBreezyT (my twitter name)" I say please, she's not dead. She's about to workt he red carpet tonight. I sit at the computer and load TMZ and see the headline. I think I screamed, I don't know but I remember everyone rushing over to me to see what was wrong. They see the screen and it gets silent. My partner who is also a Whitney fan (I met him here actually) says no, that's not true. I come here... Nothing. I go to Classic Whitney, nothing. I go to Yahoo to do a search and I see the yellow headline saying she passed. We try to click the link and nothing comes up. Someone yells turn on CNN. I turn on CNN and in big red letters on the bottom of the screen. WHITNEY HOUSTON, DEAD. I felt like I had been punched in the face. Then the tweets started rolling in "What's up with Whitney Terrence?" "Is it true?" "Is this a lie?" "Oh NO!" "Not Whitney." "Terrence are you ok." Then the phone calls. I try to answer as many as I can. Kisha calls and says if you tell me it's not true I'll believe you. Chris calls says he's at work and wants me to confirm. Eventually I think I just turned the phone off. We all sat there hugging each other while I cried. One friend is a major Aaliyah fan so he was like I know how you feel, if you need me for anything, to do anything I'm always here. Eventually I was just sitting in the corner of my bedroom in the dark listening to the South Africa concert crying to myself. Kisha called and she came over with a big bottle of wine and we just sat on my bed watching CNN on TV and the live coverage of the Pre Grammy party on her iPad until like 3am or so when she left to go back home. The next day I stayed in bed all day and cried. My partner who was also hurting is so awesome because he was taking care of me and making sure I was ok pushing his own feelings back. I love and appreciate him so much for that. I'm glad he went with me to the funeral to be able to let go and cry as well.

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FI Throwback...

#33 NippyFanNy779


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 02:23 PM

I was laying down trying to get some rest before work and talking on the phone. I was actually ticked off because Whitney was going to be at the party and I was going to miss the pictures and chat. The person I was on the phone with just gasped and said OMG Kisha... I said What? they said nothing... I'm like HELLO! What?!? They said wait let me check, I'm getting irritated at this point and said Check What? What are you talking about. They said OMG Whitney's gone.... I immediately went on the defensive thinking it was a bad joke b/c I was talking about wanting to stay home to see pics and what not. I yelled at them and said that is cruel and if you're lying I will never speak to you again. My mind immediately said fine I'll check CNN, I didn't see anything, so I went to TMZ and there it was and I LOST it. I just blacked out, and at some point I hung up on the person and called Terrence and said if you tell me its true I'll believe you...he just fell silent. I couldn't take it. I haven't broken down like that since my Grandfather passed. I just couldn't handle it. I sat there for what seemed like hours just crying and crying I tried to get up and my legs didn't work and I fell to the floor. I got physically sick. Then I'm not sure when or how but I got dressed and drove to Terrence house. I don't know which way I went because it only takes me 15 min to get to his house and I swear it took me over an hour and I ended up on like 3 different hwys.

And let me tell you out the clear blue sky it started snowing furiously and as quickly as it started it just stopped.

I'm not sure I ever properly thanked Terrence but I couldn't have made it through that first night without him and my brother in law.

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Was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you?

#34 Zolas


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 02:32 PM

With every story I read here, I get emotional at the part where we heard and our first reaction is disbelieve and denial... I can't begin to describe how unexpected this was...

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#35 liz06


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 03:39 PM

That initial shock was horrid. I prayed for it to be a hoax then seeing it on TV with those captions made my physically ill. I just didnt know what to do and I stayed on Twitter all night with my twitter whitney fam for as long as I could but I cried and shook for hours.

#36 diva #1

diva #1


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Posted 22 February 2012 - 02:10 AM

Trinidadian citizen here. I was at home doing the laundry when i got a BB message from my friend saying 'Whitney Houston died". I thought rumour, but let me check to see. At once i headed for my computer to check whitney-fan. As i was walking towards the pc i started to shake. At that point I knew something was definitely wrong. As I check the search engines i saw all the headlines. Another coworker called me to tell me about the news and told me to check BBC and CNN. It is there that I got confirmation of her death. I never took so long to do laundry yet. Then i started getting BB messsages from my friends telling me the news. I wanted to cry but couldn't. I saw the funeral on youtube yesterday for the first time. Still did not shed a tear. Whitney was my Queen. She was my life.

#37 Cantor



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Posted 24 February 2012 - 07:07 PM

On the evening of Feb. 11th, I was at home, on my laptop, having just finished dinner with the family. I logged into Facebook, and a feed from a Friend simply said 'RIP Whitney Houston'.

My instant reaction was: "What?! No way. It's got to be another stupid hoax gone viral again."

But I made myself calm down. I calmly opened another tab on my screen to check on-line news sources. Typing "Whitney Houston" in the search engine returned several hits that confirmed what I dreaded. I was pretty speechless. I think I just sat there, reading all the news reports I could find, hoping to find some flaw; some hint that this was all some mistake, but the facts were pretty undeniable.

I went upstairs and told my family the news, then returned to me room, my head full of all sorts of thoughts about my childhood growing up listening to and singing along with Whitney Houston albums.

One of my friends from way back sent me a message on Facebook after it the news was widely released that I was the first person she thought of when she herself heard the news.

I know where I was when I heard she died, but I also know where I was when she passed away: at church. As I was preparing to sing (I'm a member of the choir) the woman who inspired me to sing out loud and strong was breathing her last.

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Go in peace, God be with you.

Go in peace, be at rest with the saints and the angels.

Now you are free.

Go in peace.

#38 Joleen


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 08:26 PM

I was out shopping when a friend sent me a text saying "Whitney Houston???!!" I stopped for a moment and was like what... I had a sickening feeling. I knew it wasn't good. I went to my phone on google and typed in her name and the headline popped up. I told my friend we were leaving the store before I made a scene. I went home and read up about it only briefly before opening up my wine. Later I went into the bathroom and cried for a long time. :/

#39 Nik31


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 10:36 PM

I just woke up Sunday morning (European Time, so it was late at night on the West Coast).
I turned on the TV to watch the News as I usually do. They didn´t report live because of the time difference so I just read some Breaking News on the screen. It says:
"Her Godmother Aretha Franklin is shocked". I thought Godmother? Who else is she a Godmother of? And then I read "Her Cousine Dionne Warwick talked to her just hours ago". I was like Aretha? Dionne? All names I know. And just because of one Person. The last thing I read was "Her 18 year old Daughter was with her at the hotel". And then it hit me. I was like what´s going on, what happened? What they´re talking about? They didn´t say a name or what happened to that Person.
And then I read and couldn´t believe what I was reading: "Singer Whitney Houston is dead". I couldn´t feel anything, I couldn´t even breathe for seconds. I was shocked. It felt so unreal. Because everytime I read or heard Whitney´s name in the past I immediately stopped with what I was doing and didn´t even breathe just to read or listen to what they were saying about Whitney. But this time it was such a strange feeling to be reading Whitney´s name on the screen. I don´t know how to describe it. I called in sick the following days and stayed home because I felt too weak for the outside world.
Now weeks later when I remember reading the lines "Her Godmother Aretha Franklin is shocked", I have to admit that I knew immediately something happend to Whitney. But as most of us do in these kind of situations when we hear about People we Love, we obviously "turn off" these kind of Thoughts because we don´t want to think that bad things just happened to them even though we already know the truth deep inside us.
But when this feeling of fear deep inside of you is getting bigger and bigger and you don´t have the power to keep it there and you can´t fight it any longer, it finally breaks out and becomes reality and you feel immediately that this is going to change you and nothing will ever be the same. But they most difficult thing is that you have to deal with that fear and with the reality because it´s suddenly there. And you feel lost and frightend and empty and alone. That´s exactly how I felt when I lost my Mom. Does it go away? No. But you´re learning to live with it and it´s getting better and better through the years.

#40 JustCJ


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 11:08 PM

...it was already one of those days (not like the song) and I was in a bad mood from the time I woke up. I have a lot going on right now with my work, buying a house, working on a degree and just alot and that day I was just extremely tired... i had a midterm project due the next day and a business trip to prep for that Monday and NO energy for any of it... just really one of those wits end days... I had struggled to work on my project all day long until finally I gave up and decided to go lay down at 8pm... I'm in my bed, reflecting on how much is going on in my life and feeling that I can't take anything else and the texts start coming in...i just lay there, not replying to anyone, just praying that this was another hoax or misunderstanding until it became clear that something was really going on... i get out of bed and go into the living room where my bf is watching tv and tell him to turn on CNN... he had already seen posts on FB so he was freaking out worse than i was at that point (not a fan, just knows how i am about Whitney) ...we start watching the coverage and I'm still not buying it... i'm remembering the year 2000 and thinking that at minute BK will tweet that she was and Whitney were at home watching movies... then the police commissioner came on CNN and gave a statement and I stood before my TV, remote in hand, and every ounce of strength went out of my body and I just sat down... i didn't start crying until my bf told me to let it out... when he said that the dream state i was in evaporated and it became real. I haven't cried like that in atleast 10 years... we went and got a friend who's also a huge fan and stayed up watching the coverage... a sort of vigil... one of the strangest and most painful nights of my life. I can accept and beleive that she's gone and even that it's all divinely orchestrated, but i'm still trying to figure out how i will replace the joy that flowed out of my world when she left... certain notes in certain songs will probably always bring me to tears now (not joyful tears like before) ...right now, i'm choosing not to focus on the loss but to be fully enraptured again by her talent, beauty and presence... i'm sooo glad that the world is rediscovering her... for so long i was worried about her legacy, but i'm not anymore... she wasn't perfect, never wanted to be... but she was the best we'll ever see.
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#41 Every1lovesNippy


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Posted 25 February 2012 - 01:27 AM

I wish they would lock this topic. Every time I see this topic, my stomach takes a tumble and my heart starts racing like when I first heard the news.

#42 Kevin


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Posted 25 February 2012 - 03:13 AM

I was actually in bed. When I get up, I never usually check my phone. I normally get up, shower, dress, brush teeth etc. But that particular morning, it's as if I was drawn to my phone. Like someone above drew me toward my phone. And without reason I clicked Twitter app. And when I read "RIP Whitney Houston", I first thought "another internet hoax". I've seen hundreds of those pathetic Twitter trends. So as I checked my timeline, I saw people from this forum tweet "RIP Whitney Houston". That's when my heart started to race. And as I saw more and more tweet on my timeline, my heart became heavy and then I suppose to myself "it was real". So in Google, I typed in Whitney Houston. Pressed 'News'. And there it was. All over the news. I quickly got out of bed, wrapped my quilt around me. Went down stairs. Turned TV on. Sky news. And seriously, the second I turned TV on, Sky News were on Whitney Houston's death. It was as if everything I did that morning, to that second, was about Whitney's death. I was flawed that day. I was like "seriously?". :(

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Whitney Houston defines Beauty
Beauty defines Whitney Houston

Sleep in peace my beautiful Angel

#43 WhitneyQueenOfPopDiva1963



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Posted 25 February 2012 - 10:53 AM

Whitney Elizabeth Houston August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012. This diva was a wonderful songbird. She could take any song and bring it to life. I will never forget Saturday February 11, 2012. The day a legendary singer went to a higher place for peace. She will be forever in our ears and in our hearts. I always loved her music. Every song from 1985 "You Give Good Love" to one of her best songs in 2009" I Look To You" . A song that I will never forget and was inspirational in 1986 "The Greatest Love Of All". R.I.P. "Nippy" Goodbye and God Bless.

#44 KSL415



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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:44 PM

I was on my way to pick up my mom from the train station and my cousin text me giving me the news. I immediately went to google and it was true. Extremely sad. Arrived at home, turned on CNN, Don Lemon was on speaking about it, such a tragedy. Put my tape into my VCR and began recording all the coverage. :(
Will never forget that day....
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