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#422440 Whitney Houston has passed away. We'll love you forever.

Posted by Eboni on 12 February 2012 - 10:30 PM

Almost everyday since I could remember I have ALWAYS hummed or sang a Whitney song or lyric. When there is quiet moment in the morning, or if I'm in an empty stairwell, or in my garage at home (any place with good acoustics), without fail I am literally programmed to start singing the a capella intro to IWALY. I do it so much that its now a natural reflex

When I see the term "White House" I read it as "Whitney Houston" before I can correct myself.

I can't even sometimes type the words "with" or "white" without mistakingly typing "Whitney".

When I see the year something was made, I will give a fleeting thought to what was happening in Whitney's career at that time or if she was even born during that time.

She even changed the way I say certain phrases like "Thank you" to "thank you much".

She is the reason I've come here and stayed for the past 14 years, meeting all of you.

This woman is tightly woven into the fabric of my life. I just keep sighing heavily saying "Whitney is dead" incredulously, trying to make myself believe it, letting those waves crash over me again and again, like poking at a severe body injury, hoping that this time maybe it won't sting as much, hoping maybe I'm starting to heal. I know time is a great healer but a part of me is defiant. I don't want to heal. I want her back. I want to see her dressed up and spouting Whitneyisms as only she can, with that voice that no matter how battered it may be, still sounds so elegant and refined when she speaks. I actually thought maybe Whitney could be a medical miracle and be revived hours later. I actually prayed last night that when I woke up this morning that it would be a breaking news headline on every TV station. I guess I'm rambling, but I don't know. Maybe this is part of the process we're all going through. If anyone reads this, thank you.
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#452619 In Dedication To The "ONLY" One That Sang It Best, 22 Years Ago.

Posted by holly1971 on 03 February 2013 - 05:08 PM

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#434783 OT: Introduce Yourself! Newbies and Vets alike!

Posted by John-John on 14 March 2012 - 08:18 PM

Hi ALL! Welcome to the Newbies! Much love as always to the Oldies!

My sn is my childhood family nickname. I consider anyone who calls me John-John family or friend and that's the feeling I got when I first discovered this site and met fellow true fans who totally get why I love Whitney as an Artist, Icon, and Human Being.

I'm a 30-something guy somewhere in SC who became a fan based upon Her live performances in the early 90s: WHH on HBO, the This Is My Life ABC special, & GLOA at Ali's 50th Birthday hooked me for life. My 7 yo son "3J" is the next W-F generation. Lol!

Personal stuff: completing Education/career transition w/ PT jobs in old/new fields while job mkt recovers (?). I'm also a published writer of poetry, flash fiction, and short stories & making final edits to my first novel.

How I got here: I joined originally sometime in the 90s... It was after TPW but way before the MLIYL era. I do remember this was the first web board of any type I joined with my first, woefully-slow PC after installing its 56k modem board. It was the loudest modem I (and my roommates) ever heard. I loved it then & love it even more now. I have so much respect for Lisa and Rachel, the Mod squad, & the rest of the Fan Family here! Now more than ever before!

Looking forward to meeting everyone eventually!!! Feel free to pvt MSG me or send an email.

Pace et amor,
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#459727 Clive Davis will anounce Live album on NBC Today show tomorrow morning!...

Posted by Zolas on 17 September 2014 - 05:27 AM

Ladies, gents and others,

It might be nice to already give good reviews on iTunes and Amazon and the like, so they may persuade people to (pre-)order.

I just did one.

"Finally, a cd + dvd of some of Whitney's greatest live performances. Way overdue since it was live on stage that she really had a chance to shine.

This collection includes some of the fans' favorites: One Moment In Time never sounded more inspiring than at the Grammy's. And there is no denying that the rendition of All The Man I Need that's included here is one of the most powerful live performances ever.

Sometimes the choice of live recordings is a bit off, as there are way better options available, for example: I Didn't Know My Own Strength, I Believe In You And Me and I Will Always Love You.

And although some songs have already had a (vhs or (un)official cd/dvd) release, it is great to see some lesser known recordings as well.

A highlight is the medley of love songs.

I always say: you don't really know Whitney if you haven't heard her live. That is why this album and dvd are a much appreciated addition to the Whitney Houston catalog. It is great to be reminded of her immense talent."
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#452997 Today

Posted by TJT on 11 February 2013 - 08:55 AM

I know today will be especially tough for a lot of us. I just wanted to say how much I love you guys and this site! It has been very difficult for me to come up here over the past year because I usually start crying (as Im sure others do too) but I wanted to take a moment to say how much I truly appreciate this site, the threads, the love and for giving me and so many other Whitney fans an outlet! :kiss:

We will Always love you Whitney!
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#452914 One Year. One Wish.

Posted by Zolas on 09 February 2013 - 04:25 PM

I don't know about you guys, but this being the day of the PGP and tomorrow being the night of the Grammy Awards makes me go back to that horrible day.

Actually, for me it was the day after. Since I just got back from Asia I was jet lagged and went to sleep early that Saturday. And woke up to the news early Sunday morning (CET).

For me Whitney's death is linked to the Grammy's and even more so to PGP. A year later I find it even stranger that the party went on. But we've been over that.

It is hard to grasp this last year. So many tears, so many new insights, so many hours of listening to her. Rediscovering and reappreciating songs that were so normal to me before, but were like new all of a sudden. I might have played some songs hundreds or thousands of times over the last 20 years but sometimes it seemed like the got a new life, a new meaning, a new feeling. Quite remarkable.

That is how I know Whitney is still out there, blessing the world through songs.

She may have died, but the love is still around.

And even though her life was over too soon, there is one wish that is stronger than the wish that she was still alive. And that is that her music will continue to give support and JOY for many people and many years to come.

Whitney, your voice was heard. You were, and still are, loved.

Thank you, Whitney! <3

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#452503 Oprah's Next Chapter Interview with Cissy Houston

Posted by face on 31 January 2013 - 06:43 AM

You all pretty much have this conversation covered, but there is one thing I'd like to add. My parents and their siblings and cousins are all around Whitney's age, give or take a few years. We are a black, urban family from the mid-Atlantic, just like Whitney's. I can tell you that nearly all of them were involved with drugs to some extent, particularly cocaine, especially in the 70s and 80s. It was THE thing to do in this group, and it was hardly taboo. Family members shared it with other family members (I have an uncle who tried to introduce it to his teenaged sister, to no avail), and it was all in fun to them. I've heard stories of piles of cocaine displayed openly in bedrooms at family house parties, and I am certain that my parents did it regularly at home. My point is that we need to be careful about how harshly we judge Michael and Whitney, when what they are doing was very much a part of the times. Social norms matter. I'm not making excuses for them, but I can vouch for the fact that they were far from alone. Of course, the passage of time has revealed the ugly side of drug use in my family and so many others, but I sincerely believe that, in those days, they just thought that they were being young, fun, hip, and glamorous.
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#451927 Angels, Guardian Angels?

Posted by CoNcLusIveTrUthZ on 22 December 2012 - 10:37 PM

Excuse me I'd like to add in one other thing.

8/18/12... I opted NOT to go to NYC to see the movie because I was too depressed at the time. I just wasn't happy and didn't want to go. Once again I did something alone by myself and went and saw Sparkle. I was having a hard time in there as I'm sure most of us were. What got me the most was that it seemed like that presence was with me again in the movie theater but not for the whole time. I don't remember what part of the movie it was, but I do remember becoming more lifted during that period. That warmth, I don't know how to describe it. Then at the end of the movie I was very upset and I waited untill the theater cleared and shared a few moments alone with "Whitney". God I'm crying so hard right now. Well, trying to fight it haha, but then this weird song came on... not weird like creepy but just never heard it before, it was some country song and it was weird because it seemed so random. There was no video or anything. I dont' stay in theaters untill the credits are over and the lights come on. The usher came in and must have saw my face because he looked at me, put his hand in the air like a gesture and said "take your time". My face must have gave it away. I can't tell you the lyrics of the song, or what it said or who sung it but hearing the lyrics sounded like this message. I can hear it vaguley in my head but can't make out any distincitive lyrics but it was almost like they were about Whitney. They described her perfectly and how things aren't always supposed to be meant as we see them and that life carries on.

I can't believe I forgot to mention this one.

Please excuse my horrible puncuation, spelling and grammer in the previous post. I totally forgot to proofread before I hit "Post" and this was a like a research paper post, not to mention I have a chest cold and thus the coughing is messing up my spelling. As you can see since making this post, it's calmed down. LOL
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#451926 Angels, Guardian Angels?

Posted by CoNcLusIveTrUthZ on 22 December 2012 - 10:23 PM

I've hesitated sharing this intial story with anyone but my immediate circle from quite some time now. Well, specifically since the week Whitney passed away. The most recent thing that occurred really made me stop dead in my tracks. Since it's the holidays and Whitney's heavy on my heart lately I want to share this with you all. I have shared it with a few of my closest on here so they may allready have known, but somethings will probablly be new to many if not all of you.

Wednesday, 2/15 changed my perspective in life on alot of different things. I was very very angry and upset that day. I had read or saw something on TV that really just boiled my blood. I was in a sense of rage that I couldn't control. I remember trying to gather laundry since I had been a mess for 4 days in a row. For a brief few moments I thought I could see red I was so angry.

Suddenly, "Nippy" my cat starts acting up really crazily. I was leaning over picking up clothes off the floor in the closet crying, screaming, throwing things just actin' a complete mess. I kept going "nippy what? What? leave me the BLEEP! alone" she kept trying to get my attention to the hallway. I got kinda creeped out, then put it out of my mind for a brief second and kept on my rampage and within a split second I felt this surge of warmth and love go through through my entire body quickly and slowly. It was like peace I can't even explain it happened just like I'm telling you. it was nearly instanteous. It literally freaked me out. I just stood there then I felt the feeling of and this will suprise you (maybe, maybe not?) "It's okay baby, I got you. I got you". Now imagine how I felt shortly there after to hear Krissi & Pat tell the same story on the Oprah interview (well not the same story, but the same experience). I felt this so much that my anger and rage dissipated. I sat down and smoked both green and cigarettes like a chimeny totally dumbfounded by what had occurred. I think I hit the liqour again that night too. For real spirits exist? really she was at my house? MY HOUSE? I never met her. If it is real, how did she know about me? Why is it the same message, same feeling that her family expressed. How could this be possible. I looked at it like the result of mental exhuastion and emotional heartbreak.

Fast foward a couple months later. Driving down the road, totally loose my BLEEP! over her uncontrollable tears... suddenly I jerk my car to the left with not conciously doing so only to see a car moving at me from the right quickly. Would have been a really bad accident. Seriously? I had no idea the car was there.

When I passed out from dehydration a month after she passed away and was rushed to the ER because my chin slid across the kitchen floor and tore the skin pretty badly under my chin. I needed 16 stitches. It wasn't cute. I was going through alot more by this point than just Whitney passing. It made me look at myself and my own life what was drastically wrong with it and what I knew I needed to do but still didnt have the strength insdie to do so. Well, I never had stiches before and I absolutely hate medical stuff. Stick with physcial sciences please :) My dad said "do you want me to hold your hand" because the doctor was like "even tho I numbed you, this is going to hurt because of the location and type of skin" so I said "well whatever u gotta do". I didn't need someone to hold my hand because just as the doctor was about to start my right hand went all warm again. Like that warmth I told you about earlier.

In my mind this was all concidence. I'm thinking "okay, pretty convincing stuff,but nah..."

Then came my vacation in Virginia Beach. Shortly after my incident in the ER and all of that I came out to my family and closest friends. Well, Lexi (sister), my first crush, Jace, Larry & Terrence knew before my family I think. Well Jace before most of them. Being 28 I'm just starting at this whole thing and it's like being a 14 year old. Here I was again, on another vacation by myself. Having to see all the happy couples either straight or gay and here I was sitting on the beach at sunrise smoking a J watching that big gorgeous sun rise over the sunlit waves. I was loving that moment my first time doing so high, lol. But my mood suddenly went south as I thought "So, is this how it's going to be for me? Just me and my weed for the rest of my life? Alone, watching sunrises alone, being alone" I got extremely emotional. I was kinda jaded because I waited so long thinking my parents would dis own me so when they were like "Well, your our son we love you" it made me regret the wasted years. BLEEP!, I'm going on 30. So, as you can imagine I was getting pretty BLEEP! low at that moment.... what happened next made me really think about the world and our place in it differently.

The next thing you know the bassline to MDB comes on as I'm having these thoughts in my head alone on the beach by the waves at 5am blazed... but this baseline was a bit different. I know my MDB music trust me, lol and this was NOT the album version. It was slightly altered. And what was interesting is that it faded in my head as if it was getting closer. Then her voice came in strong but it wasn't the same as the album either. Less rasp but nearly identical vocal arrangement but even more happy and energetic if you can imagine. This of course didn't seem so abnormal untill I said "this is ironic right now" and I tried to "turn it off" but it wouldn't stop in my head. The music almost seemed live as if she was on the beach singing it. I know this sounds type crazy trust me I still to this day think something is wrong with me but I everything I know to me true tells me that these experiences were real. Usually when a song plays in your head you can just turn it off by focusing on something else. This did not happen. The last chorus repeated too until I was singing along finally and in a lifted mood and then I heard those "Ohhhh"s drift off in the distnace over the water if she just ascended away. It was a very surreal experience. I literally laid in that chair just motionless like totally confused by what had just happened. I can still vividly remember how it sounded when it started off though... how crazy is that?

Lastly, the most recent thing was a week ago. IWALY Glasgow 2010 was just repeating in my head over and over (like it had many times before Whitney's passing) so I wanted to watch it so badly so i came home and Youtube searched "Dublin" for some reason I thought that was it. I had not watched this version since way before she passed and this was just last week. Well I was searching, couldn't remember for the life of me the name. I knew it was a G though. . Couldn't find it. Ended up geting lost on YT watching other Whitney stuff. Finally 2 hours later I was like "Damn, I still didn't find that version, I wanna watch her sing that rendition" . So I said "Ima try searching one more time. Ready for this?

I type in the string "Whitney Houst- before YT offered "Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You Glasgow 2010"... get the BLEEP! out of here. At this point I got a cold chill. I looked up and said "Thank ya Whit" and then broke down in hysterical tears. What is this? How is this possible? How? HOW? You have ANY other explanation how that search option would appear after typing only part of her full name considering I've watched TONS of stuff with the string "Whitney Houston" this year and NONE have been IWALY Glasgow 2010. Seriously?

So I'm saying... do you all believe in this stuff? I've shared these stories with my Mom, Sister and Dear Friend but with many others. I'm kind convinced. The YT search thing kinda sold me.

My mom argues that the second and last story could just be god throwing me love through this medians but she says something particularly interesting is apparent in stories 1 and 3. She said it's said that everyone has a guardian angel and maybe Whitney's yours. I thought "why would that be?"

Well, I guess there's always been a spiritual connection with her even when she was alive. I know Whitney was my rock that always made me feel good and would be my "crux" if you will for when i was feeling low about being gay. My problems always dissapear when she sings and I hear her. I don't think or hear anything else but that voice... be it on Eternal Love in the late 70's or hoarse as hell in Newcastle in 2010. It didn't matter to me I loved hearing her sing. And for a long period of time after she passed many of us couldn't listen to her and I think that's what set me into such a deep depression was not having her as a crux when I needed her the most. I didn't listen to nearly anything for the first few months. It showed. My family was worried about me. My friends everyone thought something was gonna happen. My sister out of fear basically outted me to my mother, therefore I had to let me Dad know if she knew. From there things have improved but I wanna correlate my spirtual connection to Whitney my whole life to these experiences because if you take what they say to be true (those whom speak the word of god) then everyone does have a guardian angel. being a phsical scientist I like data and proof. Well, I think these four stories are the proof I need. That feeling I got over my body that night, the way MDB seemed live next to me when I was allowing myself to get really low, the car thing, and then most recently Glasgow and YT. REALLY? YT? It's funny, the YT thing sells me the most. Probablly because science says strings wouldn't query like that, LOL not at least 9 months prior. Really? Whitney Houst- and then exactly what I'm looking for shows up as the first recommended query on YT ? C'mon.

So this is my story. People think I'm crazy anyways so if anyone takes it that way with this post, well so be it. LOL But everything I know to be true says those experiences were real to me. As real as the taste of an organge, or the sting of a bee. I often wonder if any of you have had expeirences like this before? Specifically to Whitney I suppose for this thread to keep it on topic, but has anyone else had moments like this that were all reluctanct to share? I feel like many of us really loved Whitney. Before the YT incident last week I just figured her death flipped a loose nerve in my brain and I had just lost my mind, but really? The YT thing? LOL

So... share... or make fun of me :P
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#451324 OT: Pat Houston's Book Signing...

Posted by the1nonlydkd on 06 December 2012 - 11:59 PM

UGH!!!! As many questions as I have about what happened on that day, I can't get with this blame thing! What the hell was Ray supposed to do, hold her hand while she got in the tub, then proceed to bathe her, and help her out. Last time I checked, she was a grown WOMAN!!! Just as Rayah said, but that was perceived as such a negative comment by certain fans for some reason! If this own woman's daughter isn't going around blaming every Joe on the corner, why are fans. God, ya'll are acting like she was some kind of incapable patient that needed to be cared for 25/8! In her own words, she was an "intelligent being" who was well aware of what she was doing, on all fronts.
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#449954 Whitney Honored in VH1 Divas Tribute

Posted by bearwhit on 03 November 2012 - 12:19 PM

I can't wait to see the show. Many of you have had some great picks for the night. I just wish the show was still in NYC. This could've been another Whitney-fan trip.I do want to see Mariah, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Brandy, Monica, Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera singing. As for the hate that Aretha's gets I don't understand it. Aretha loved Whitney and always showed her love and she DID DO A WHITNEY TRIBUTE the day of the funeral and many after she passed at her own concert. Aretha was on death's door only a year or so ago,so when she says she says she couldn't attend the funeral due to pain I believe her. Aretha attends EVERYBODY'S funerals. She should be called the Queen of Funerals, because she sings at them all. From Rev. Martin Luther King to Luther Vandross and many gospel artists including Mattie Moss Clark, Albertina Walker, etc. Type in Aretha Franklin and Funeral on Youtube she sings at them all. Here is Aretha the day of Whitney's funeral. Acknowledging her life stating "[Nippy]she was one of the best and greatest singers to ever step behind a microphone" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0Fpq2gKfEQ

yeah, but she performed the night before the funeral, missed the funeral because of "leg cramps", yet still performed that night? It reeked of flakiness. I love Aretha, but no...you don't miss the funeral of your god-daughter for anything other than your own funeral. That is all.

Ree was never her godmother anyway. that was all for publicity. Ree is jealous of any singer that gets even faint praise, so she must have been going nuts hearing everyone praise Whitney. I don't believe she ever planned to go to her funeral. She is a miserable person, no wonder she is trying to eat herself to death.
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#443878 Picking Up The Pieces...

Posted by ILookToHou on 10 June 2012 - 07:36 PM

I would like to thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this. I am a newcomer to the site, and found it while looking for an outlet for the terrible, unexplainable sense of loss I feel. It took me a while to realize that I needed to write this, and as nearly four months have passed, I am very scared that I am “late to the party” (excuse the expression), that I will be stuck by myself in this dark place after all of you have moved on.

There are a couple of things that I need you to know about me in order to accurately convey what I am experiencing. First, I am a 38-year-old white male, not given to obsessive fandom. While I am hesitant to introduce age/sex/race into the conversation, it IS an important part of the story for me. While I am aware that Whitney touched many people across all walks of life, I think that I’m certainly in a minority demographic among her fans. I feel like it’s socially unacceptable for someone like me to express my grief for a celebrity whom I’ve never met; that I’m going to be seen as strange, obsessive, frivolous, childish, or inappropriate in some way. Which means that I absolutely do not have anyone to talk about my feelings with.

Second, unlike many of you, I am not a person with a strong religious faith - so I cannot make peace with her loss the way many others already have.

Third, I have to confess that I was not the world’s biggest Whitney fan. This makes what I am experiencing all the more poignant and unexplainable (at least, to me it does). I loved her and crushed on her in the 80’s; like many of you, we sang The Greatest Love of All at my 8th-grade graduation; I saw The Bodyguard with my first girlfriend (we were an interracial couple, so the movie had an added significance for me). But I wouldn’t say I was a HUGE fan – I just wasn’t that deep into my music, it was always more “background” for me than anything else. I owned a couple of her CD’s (tapes, back then), I would turn up the radio when she came on, and watch if one of her videos was on, but it’s not as if I sought out all-things-Whitney to consume. I lost track of her during her down years, except for seeing her name on the cover of the tabloids when I was in the supermarket. By the time I was an adult, Whitney had become completely irrelevant to my life.

Over the last 10 or so years, the following comments had reflexively, flippantly, come out of my mouth whenever Whitney’s name came up: “crackhead”, “no one to blame but herself”, “I can’t believe what she turned into.”

On February 11th, I received a text from a friend saying “can you believe Whitney Houston died?” I replied “WOW, BUT REALLY NOT THAT SURPRISING.” I would never, in a million years, have predicted how I would come to feel over the next hours, days (and now, months).

That evening, I paused to watch some of the news coverage of Whitney’s death. I wasn’t sure what it was, but something was going on inside me… I was pulled in by this strong emotion, this profound sense of loss and tragedy for this woman who I had not really thought about for ten years, whose struggles I had verbally dismissed. I turned to a station that was showing only Whitney videos all night, and inexplicably….. I absolutely JUST LOST IT. I felt ridiculous, surprised, confused, and wondered if I was right in the head. How could I have forgetten the reaction that I used to have when I heard her voice: the chills down my spine, the tightness in my throat? That night, Whitney took me back to a different time: a time before I was cynical, jaded, and uncompassionate; a time before I sought out the flaws in others to feel better about my own flaws, the ones that had led me towards this disappointing, underachieving, joyless life; a time before I chose to see only the worst in people, to confirm my world view that people are sh**. I realized that there was something miraculous and beautiful in front of me that I had ignored and dismissed for many years, and now she was gone. I thought back to my insensitive past comments about Whitney, and I felt very, very ashamed, ignorant, and hypocritical. Although the comments were reflexive and more indicative of my own emotional state rather than my true opinion of Whitney, I still felt disgusted with myself. I felt unworthy of crying over this special woman whose struggles I had callously dismissed, yet I couldn’t control myself from sobbing all night.

That night, I saw Whitney Houston as I saw her as a 12 or 13-year old boy, awed and stirred by this stunningly beautiful, stunningly talented woman with an amazing grace, charisma, and inner beauty to match. The beautiful spirit of Whitney allowed me to escape myself and experience something real and wonderful for the first time in a long time - the wonderful emotions that come from a special person sharing their best self with us. But along with the wonderful emotions, I am also experiencing the painful heartbreak of the last 10 or so years of her life. I cannot get past a recurring rescue/savior fantasy, as if maybe it could have been me to find the right words to get through to her.

Perhaps I am seeing what I want to see, but looking at many of her later videos and photos, I feel like I can see the unhappiness behind her eyes. Seeing Whitney struggle made me contemplate parallels to my own life. Though I have not had to deal with the pressures of fame, and have never walked down the path of drug addiction, I too deal with managing my inner demons, with allowing my own self-destructive tendencies to swallow my life whole. It’s something we ALL can relate to if we are self-aware and honest with ourselves. Whether it’s addiction to drugs, food, sex, violence, intolerance, etc – they’re all the same, all symptoms of unhappiness, of fear, of a loss of hope, of something wrong with our lives. Thinking that Whitney experienced these things, while standing behind a microphone doing something better than anyone has ever done, looking out at a sea of a million people who all loved her, is heart-breaking to me. Just as heartbreaking is that only now, after she’s gone and it’s too late to do anything about it, do I realize that her struggle towards happiness was no different than all of ours. Not discovering the depth of my love and appreciation for her until after she’s gone is a pretty devastating feeling. I’m not sure what I would have tangibly done different, but even if it was just sending out karmic feelings of positivity toward her while she was struggling, I wish I had done so.

Mostly, I am regretful that I missed the chance to celebrate this beautiful woman in life. Had I known then what I know now, I would have gone to all her concerts, trying to get a hold of a little bit of the love that I now realize she had shared with the world. I would have screamed “WE LOVE YOU WHITNEEEEEY” at the top of my lungs, and hoped that she could understand what I really meant: “We love you no matter what, no matter what you do or don’t do for the remainder of your life; whatever is causing you to self-destruct, whatever standard it is that you feel you can’t live up to, whatever you feel unhappy about, whoever it is that you feel you cannot please, whatever you think is wrong with you --- NONE OF IT IS TRUE, YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE.”

Why do I feel this way? What was it about this woman that her death absolutely broke me and so many others? It’s too easy to say “she was the soundtrack to all the significant moments in our lives.” There have been other celebrities and athletes that I’ve followed much more closely than Whitney that passed away – and I have not been impacted nearly as significantly by those deaths. I can’t possibly hope to convey the depth of my emotions over Whitney’s death, simply because I don’t really understand it myself. All I can say is that I think of her every day and every night, and while it’s often very sad, it’s often very sweet as well.

I see something in Whitney, and hear something in her voice, that I cannot and do not want to explain. As I said earlier, I am not a religious man, but as a true testament to her legacy, Whitney’s death has left me with this feeling: that one of God’s gifts has been taken away from us.
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#436415 Cause of death coroner's report released

Posted by MLIYL on 23 March 2012 - 02:20 PM

Whitney was an addict, addicts relapse all of the time, why are people being so mean and judgemental towards Whitney once they found out she had cocaine in her system? She told Oprah herself that she can only take it one day at a time, it's like that for every addict. At least she was honest about it. She never claimed she was above relapsing.

What people don't seem to understand is that she DIDN'T overdose, she had a heart condition, she had heart disease. This could've happened to her whether she did cocaine that day or not. It could've happened to her while walking from her car to the doctor's office. Yes she had the heart disease because of her life choices, but guess what? People get heart disease from multiple things, not JUST drugs. Heart disease is the #1 killer in women. All those millions of people getting fast food everyday and not exercising, you can get heart disease. All those people drinking alcohol everyday and not taking care of their bodies, you can get heart disease (among other things). All those people smoking cigarettes everyday, you can get heart disease. Just because it's legal means one is better than the other? ADDICTION IS ADDICTION. It ALL can kill people, and it does so everyday.

Do not judge Whitney. I know we're all upset, sad, devastated, angry, and we all keep thinking this didn't need to happen, but it did, and don't judge her for it. Whitney had pain in her life that none of us will ever understand, she was a troubled soul, and was trying to numb her pain. Don't people get that? QUIT JUDGING HER FOR IT.

What gets me is all of those people judging her and running their mouth about her are drug addicts themselves, or their family members are, or they have their own addictions, and they ALL have their own issues. Like who are you to talk sh*t??? When you're sitting there popping your pain pills everyday, getting drunk, eating fast food everyday, smoking weed, doing dope, WHO ARE YOU to cast judgement on Whitney Houston?! You are NO better than her. Believe that.
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#422933 Whitney Houston has passed away. We'll love you forever.

Posted by laprimadivas1fan on 13 February 2012 - 01:59 PM

Posted Image
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#418727 Whitney's Commercial Clips For 'One Wish' - Videos Inside

Posted by Sergio on 10 January 2012 - 08:22 PM

O Holy Night

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#471562 Please Read: Website Closing End Of March

Posted by Austin on 31 March 2017 - 09:38 PM

The Nippy Awards were a lot of fun. The categories, the speeches!  :roflmao:  :shades:  :lol:


I was a lurker for many years and I would just read about the board members' adventures and recognise the names and follow the drama.


I remember Conclue going out to buy the "Just Whitney" CD and being all "Whachulookinat?" to someone on the street.


I remember when the My Love Is Your Love CD came out. All the reader reviews here. People debating this new sound for Whitney, some not liking hip-hop. (But to me that album has stood the test of time.)


I remember all of us waiting for Whitney's performances on Divas Live, the Today show, an awards show etc. the joy, the concerns, the thrills, the debates.


I remember people here buying the award back for Whitney or writing messages for a book that a poster was going to give to Dionne to give to Whitney.


There was way too much going on to really sum it up. But there were highs and lows, and this board was around for Whitney's tough times, her triumphs and yes her passing. But we were there together, we witnessed her story. We related it to our lives. Our love for Whitney was undeniable. We saw her truth.


Thanks again all of you!

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#471560 Please Read: Website Closing End Of March

Posted by Zolas on 31 March 2017 - 03:19 PM

Thanks to all of you who made this a wonderful place. Our online family. I'm going to keep the site online for a few more days so people will see the Facebook group that Zolas created and hopefully some of us will find each other there.  :flowers:

Thanks, Lisa! 💜
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#471559 Please Read: Website Closing End Of March

Posted by Mr Jace on 31 March 2017 - 02:26 PM

Alright folks. Time to put my wig on one more time and say my goodbye.




It's so sad to know that WF is going away. I had some great times here, and learned a TON of Whitney info as a result of this awesome site. I've been around for so many years. The first time I found this site, the hot WH topic was whether or not she was going to release a video for WDIHSB!!! Yes, that's how LONG AGO it's been.


Since then.....O....M.....G.


I joined the board in Sept. '02, and it has been full steam ahead ever since.....until a few months after our beloved Whitney died. :crying: I miss her dearly every day.


But, I will cherish the music, videos, concerts, awards show appearances, candid pics, rare pics, quotes, gowns, and wigs (LOL!!) she left behind.


I love the info, Nippy Awards, and countless friends I've amassed during my tenure here. Heck, believe it or not, because of this site, I even fell in love. Twice!


It's an amazing journey, and I loved it.


Unfortunately, I must now officially say farewell, my WF family.


Remember, TMIY :wub:


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#471393 Post Your Favorite Whitney ANYTHING!

Posted by CoNcLusIveTrUthZ on 19 March 2017 - 10:08 PM


For years on this forum I would be so young Christopher who would listen to his favorite Whitney songs to get away from the madness that was my parents relationship. In my teens years I'd discover her live performances and fall even more in love with this singer, moreover this woman. Then in my twenties I would go through some hardships and kinda learn through Whitney how to keep your head up when so many wanna beat it down. Those Christopher's would tell you their favorites were "I Will Always Love You" or "All At once" or "I Have Nothing". It would change to live versions later. Then, something magical would occur in my life and ultimately after a spiritual awakening nothing soothes my soul and hope for humanity like this performance above. It would serve almost like a testament to me and I actually can't imagine this life without this performance in it. God bless and rest her soul eternally. And Thank you. Love you.


I forgot all about the edit time - thus the dual posts. LOL I always hated that damn edit time restriction, primarily because my 20 year old self's mouth. :shrug: :w00t: :whistling: :doh: :clap: :shocked:  I'm gonna miss my emoji's.We used to call them smiley's. 

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#471262 Please Read: Website Closing End Of March

Posted by laprimadivas1fan on 07 March 2017 - 05:54 PM



Like Rocky, I just wanna to express my deepest gratitude for ALL the time, labor and expense you've poured into sustaining and re-imagining this W-F community, started by Rachel.  You have done both this community, Whitney and her legacy most proud.  And it has been (and remains) a great privilege to share in my WH experience(s) and unconditional support with you there, right on the front lines, all these years.   I really value your presence and hope your own day-to-day flourishes and keeps you blessed.


Love ya, my friend.


"Thank you, much." :)

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