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Whitney Houston's Early Work

Before the debut of Whitney Houston's first album in 1985, Whitney was a popular teen fashion model who frequently appeared in magazines including Seventeen, Glamour and Madamoiselle. Whitney also appeared in print ads for products including Max Factor makeup and Scope toothpaste. She sang jingles for Steak & Ale restaurants and also appeared in a television commercial for Canada Dry ginger ale.

Early in her career, Whitney appeared on such television shows as "Silver Spoons," "Gimme A Break" and "The Merv Griffin Show." Whitney also auditioned to play the role of daughter Denise on "The Cosby Show" and was asked to sign a contract and read with Mr. Cosby. However, the show's casting director said that Whitney backed out of the offer because the role would have prevented her from pursuing a full-time music career.

Whitney Houston's first recorded solos were "Life's A Party" for the Michael Zager Band and "Memories" on the album "One Down" by Material. She also recorded background vocals for artists including Chaka Khan, Lou Rawls and The Neville Brothers.