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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find news about Whitney Houston? How do I send news to

You can find Whitney Houston news at the Nippy News page and the Chart News page. Older information is available in the News Log and Chart News Log. You can also read magazines, subscribe to our RSS feed and join our mailing list by using the sign-up form at the bottom of this page. You can submit news via e-mail.

2. Where can I find information about Whitney Houston's music?

Whitney Houston music information is available in the Music section.

3. Where can I find information about Whitney Houston's movies?

Whitney Houston movie information is available in the Movies section.

4. I am looking for a specific photo of Whitney Houston. How do I find it without having to look at every photo in the Gallery?

You can search for photos by using the left-hand categories in the Gallery section, or by keyword using the Gallery search engine in the upper right corner of every page. Simply highlight the word "gallery" above the search engine form, type your keyword(s) and click the magnifying glass icon to see your results! We are still adding keywords, so the gallery search engine will continue to improve.

5. Can you tell me the details about Whitney Houston's past tours?

All Whitney Houston tour information is available in the Tours section. If you know of a Whitney Houston concert that should be added to our tour listings, or if you have photos or media from concerts, please e-mail the Nippy News.

6. What is Whitney Houston's latest single? Is there a music video for it?

All information about new Whitney Houston music singles and videos will be available in the Nippy News.

7. Where can I buy Whitney Houston's music and movies?

We have compiled lists of online stores to help you find official Whitney Houston merchandise.

8. How do I join the Mailing List? Does it cost anything to join? Will my information be kept private?

You can subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the short sign-up form that's at the bottom of every page. The newsletter is free, and your information will not be shared with any people or organizations.

9. My e-mail address has changed. How do I update my e-mail address for the mailing list?

You can register your new e-mail address by using the sign-up form at the bottom of every page. If you wish to unsubscribe your old e-mail address from the mailing list, you can click any of the "unsubscribe" links that are provided in every e-mail.

10. I lost my password for the Web Board. But I can't retrieve my password because my e-mail address has changed since I created my account. How do I fix my password?

In this case, you will need to e-mail the webmaster to have your password reset. The webmaster will send you a new password, and you can change your password once you login.

11. I have registered at the Web Board, but sometimes I have to wait before my posts will appear on the board. Why is that? Is there something wrong with my account?

There is nothing wrong with your account. This delay is a temporary security measure to ensure that the Web Board remains secure from attacks and spam. If your Web Board account is still in the "validating" phase, that means your posts are read by the webmaster before they appear in the forums. Unfortunately, the webmaster has no choice but to do this because the Web Board is attacked regularly behind the scenes. The webmaster validates Web Board accounts on a periodic basis, so your patience during the validating phase will be much appreciated.

12. Is there a place where I can post my own reviews of Whitney Houston's new music and concerts?

Yes, you can post your reviews of Whitney Houston's music, movies, and concerts!

13. I love Whitney Houston and! Do you have a Guestbook so I can write something nice?

Yes, please sign our Guestbook! Thanks!

14. How do I play audio and video samples at Do I need any special software? Can I download music from your website?

You need Adobe Flash Player to play streaming samples at The player is already installed on most computers. If you are using a device that doesn't support Flash, such as an iPhone or iPad, you might not be able to play samples on those devices. We are working to support an HTML5 player to resolve this. Downloading is not allowed at due to copyright concerns.

15. What are ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange, and why do you have to pay license fees to them?

They are performance rights organizations, and we are required by law to pay license fees to such entities in order to have any streaming music at our website, such as our online radio station. Our licensing fees only protect, and not any other website.

16. I'm having trouble viewing cards at the E-cards system. Why is this happening, and what can I do about it?

If you are having trouble using the system, it is because of your Internet browser. If you cannot upgrade or use a different browser, you can contact the webmaster to provide details about the problem. The webmaster will need to know what browser version you are using (such as Internet Explorer 9.0, or Firefox 4.0) as well as your computer operating system (such as Windows 7, or Mac OS X Mountain Lion).