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About The Webmaster

Welcome to the new This is a major redesign and upgrade that I've been working on since 2010. It is a commitment to create an extended home on the web where Whitney fans can find each other and enjoy her work in a peaceful environment. I never expected that we would lose Whitney. But this website will continue to operate, and will remain dedicated to Whitney Houston, her work, her extraordinary legacy, and no one else.

In certain places on the website, it may become apparent that this site is still being expanded. Please bear with me as I continue to add information, because it takes a tremendous amount of research, data entry, and plenty more to get a site this large just right. My goal is for this site to be a thing of beauty, to capture even just a fraction of how beautiful Whitney was, but it is a work in progress, and it's difficult to manage it with my own career and responsibilities. It's also been more difficult to work on it since Whitney's passing, and I would have held it longer except for the fact that I want to promote Whitney's new movie, "Sparkle," which is in U.S. theaters now!

As you may already know, I began as the webmaster of in September 1999 to help Whitney fans continue to keep in touch with Whitney's work as well as each other. This site has become an integral part of Whitney's presence on the Internet, and together, we have kept it an up-to-date resource on all there is to know about "The Voice" -- my favorite entertainer, Whitney Houston.

I have been a loyal Whitney fan since 1985, when she released her first single, "You Give Good Love." I was only a child at that time, but I always had a knack for avoiding one-hit wonders with questionable talent. And Whitney certainly did not disappoint! Her powerful, glorious voice never ceased to amaze me, and I continued to follow Whitney's music and Whitney's movie career as she also branched out to become a very successful producer.

But I didn't just love Whitney's voice and success. I loved her personality, her sense of humor, the way that she loved the people in her life, and her spirit -- the fact that she was a human being who was so gifted and worked so hard, she could fool you into thinking what she did was easy. But when other people try to match or exceed Whitney, they can't. She is irreplaceable, and she will always be loved and missed. I hope that when you visit here, you can feel how much she is loved, and how she deserved every bit of it and more.

Thank You's

The new would have taken me even longer to complete, were it not for the contributions of Larry A. Not only is Larry a tremendous help to me as a co-moderator at the Web Board, but he also took on a number of research projects that I would not have been able to do at this time. As a result, you will see his name credited in several places in the music and movie article archives, in our upcoming expanded Whitney Houston biography (the anti-Wikipedia), and in some other content. Larry, thank you so much.

I also want to thank Terrence, Clemsonfight, Kevin and Pontus for also helping to moderate the Web Board, the fan galleries and blogs. Thank you very much.

A special thank you to Keisha and Johnno who were kind enough to provide some of the pictures that appear in the Gallery. Thank you so much. I'm in the early stages of adding photos, and another structural improvement is in the works, but it will become an extensive collection of images that will be easy to search through.

Last but never least, special thanks to Rachel for creating this site and entrusting me with it in 1999. I hope that seeing it in its new form will be an especially nice surprise for you.

Also, I cannot say enough about the wonderful people I have met over the years who have been so supportive, and who have made personal efforts to help me keep this site going -- ranging from news submissions, to photos, to media files, to song lyrics, and even just to say hello. Some of them have even been kind enough to make donations when it became very difficult for me to pay for this site. They're all fantastic and I thank them very much. It would take an eternity to break us.

Whitney Forever! - Lisa